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Headache, Fever,Nausea, Sore Throat

Headache Fever Nausea Sore ThroatWhat is the best thing to do in case I have symptoms as headache, fever, nausea, vomiting and sore throat?



HeadacheI am a boy of 21 years. For the last several months I am having a bad headache. Sometimes for days I have no headache and sometimes they become rather severe. My doctor feels it is due to nose trouble, but there appears to be no good results even after my nose is treated. What remedy can you suggest?


Foreign Body in the Ear

Foreign Body in the EarHow would I remove a foreign body from the ear?


Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent LightsDo fluorescent lights ever cause serious trouble in the eye? Is there any advantage in using the older incandescent type of lighting?


Eye Trouble

Eye TroubleSix years ago when my wife had been suffering from trouble in her eyes, she got them treated by a doctor. However, recently her eyes have once again become weak and there is severe pain in the head above her eyes. Kindly let us know anything which will help remove her trouble.


Eye Floaters

Eye Floaters

What are floaters? I have them in the eyes. Can they do any damage, is there remedy or relief from them, what causes them?


Ear Infection

Ear InfectionsMy child of two has had draining ears for a month. We have used many medicines, but the drainage continues. Will this condition cause him to be deaf?


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