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allergy-of-childI have a child with allergies. Can you help me with this problem?

Doctor’s Advice:

Allergy in children is not uncommon. Allergy is a state wherin a person is more than normally sensitive to irritants of any kind in the air, to atmospheric temperature changes, or to disturbed conditions in the digestive tract.

A child may develop allergic tendencies as the result of two conditions, both having to do with his early feeding:

  1. A formula too rich in sugar.
  2. A condition in which the child is unable to digest the casein curd of the milk.

The evidence of either condition lies in the stools. In sugar fermentation the stools are gassy, frothy, frequent, and so irritating that baby’s buttocks often become red and sore. In protein indigestion the undigested milk curds may be seen in the stools. They may be green at times. The child may vomit sour, curdy material.

Baby is sensitized, and forever after is oversensitive to disturbed conditions in the digestive tract, whether by fermentation or the end products of incompletely digested protein which gives irritating properties to the blood, to which the skin and mucous membranes may become abnormally sensitized. The child becomes subject to all kinds of allergies. Skin irritations such as rash and eczema may results.

As he grows he may become a migraine victim, have increased tendencies toward digestive upsets such as cyclic vomiting.

He may have sniffles, hay, fever, colds. His entire reaction to unfavorable conditions or the slightest irritation is extreme. His personality often reacts accordingly.

A child’s earliest food program is of great importance. Never should a child be overfed. Never should his early formula be too sweet. Often his milk should be boiled to be made easily digestible. It should never be too high in fat content, for the presence of fat interferes with protein digestion. That is why many young children do well on the skim milk.

Pancreas extract is most beneficial to allergic and nervous children. Dr. Sansum, well-known nutritionist of Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, in California, first used panteric capsules made for him by Parke-Davis in the treatment of allergies in children. It is thought that pancreatic enzymes follow the incompletely digested protein end products and continue the work of breaking them down to nonirritating substances.

The highly sensitive child is more likely to be adversely affected by tense, unhappy home conditions than is the child who has a stronger, better poised emotional nature. He may be the bed wetter, the fingernail biter, the problem eater, the fretful, unhappy difficult child.

How important that every care be taken to surround the sensitive child with everything possible to give him a sense of security, happiness, and kindly relationships with those about him.

By making certain skin tests, your doctor may be able to determine just what the substance is to which your child is allergic. He can advise you as to such testing.



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