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For four years I have followed a very rigid diet to keep my complexion clear, although small pimples appear now and then. I omit pastries, sweets, potatoes, macaroni and fried foods from my diet. Do you have any suggestion for keeping my complexion clear?

Doctor’s Advice:

During the years of adolescence or youth there is an increased activity of all the glandular structures of the body. The glands in the skin share in this stimulated activity, and their secretion is produced in greater amounts than at stable periods of life. With this distension of the tubals of the glands, frequently bacteria are included, and cause a degree of irritation, producing in extreme cases the characteristic appearance of acne of the face and other portions of the body. It may be that only occasional pimples will show, or they may be quite small. As one reaches maturity, this eruption is observed less.

Avoidance of excessive fats and sweets is wise, but I would not omit completely everything that you mention in your list, I think the cautious use of  ice cream and starchy foods, such as macaroni and potatoes should be allowable.

In actually treating the condition, washing the skin carefully three times daily in hot water with a bland soap, followed by the rubbing on of 10 percent ammoniated mercury ointment, which is left on all night, then in the morning washing again and applying a 66 percent alcoholic solution or a plain diluted alcohol, will be found helpful. After the alcohol is used, powder, etc., may be applied if desired.




  1. Hello Jcfebrero,
    In addition to your post I was wondering, Hi, I’m a 16 year old girl and have been ‘suffering’ as some people say, with mild body acne for about 2 years now. I finally went to the doctor and he suggested I use Clindoxyl gel and birth control, so I am now using both. That was about 3 months ago. Almost all of the acne on my face is gone and my chest is also clear, but my I continue to get acne on my back. It is on the upper part of my back and recently has been spreading to the tops of my shoulders.
    I eat a very healthy diet and drink lots of water and always have- I am by far healthier on the inside than all of my friends, but I am the only one that has back acne. I have tried a lot of home remedies but none have really worked for me. Summer is coming up and I would love to be back acne free by then. Does anyone have any tips on what products/home remedies I could use or try out? I’m desperate!
    Much appreciated, thank you!

    • jcfebrero says:

      To truly remove dirt and oil from your skin, give soap/cleanser 2 minutes to work. You don’t have to rub the whole time but it helps. To relieve the boredom, play the radio or do something else (brush your teeth? lie down and relax for a mini-spa experience?). Rinse and repeat. The most effective final rinse is to fill a sink with warm water and soak your skin while rubbing it gently until the cleanser is gone. That’s right, you need to plunge your face in the water. If you’ve used a lot of cleanser, then you may need to repeat the rinse. Rinse one more time using cold water to close your pores. Some people prefer a toner for this last step. Any cleanser residue simply contributes to the next round of oil and dirt accumulation. This procedure is most effective if done in the morning and evening. Watch out for reddened skin or rebound oil production. These are clear signs you need a gentler cleanser. Using this procedure, the gentlest cleansers on the market can clean the oiliest skin more effectively than the harshest. During the first two weeks, you may experience increased acne as clogged pores open up and form pimples. Have courage. Be of good cheer. Eventually, you’ll get’em all and your acne will improve. Benzoyl peroxide gels, and other over the counter products work really well. Talk to your doctor about trying one. Exfoliate every four days with a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells.
      When you get rid of those pimples, watch out for the rush of confidence. It’s coming. Even after your acne disappears, continue your routine for at least thirty days, sometimes more. Acne can continue coming back well after puberty; if your acne does come back, just pick your old routine back up. Acne is a stage everyone goes through and some things work for different people, if this doesn’t work it is O.K. Try something else! Try this step

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