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ArthritisI am a married woman fifty-two years of age. For the last eighteen months I have been suffering from arthritis, with pains in the joints and hardening of the muscles, particularly in the legs and thighs. I have been treated with some short-wave diathermy and given injections of Butazolidin and Decadron. These medicines brought temporary relief but no cure. Is there anything you could suggest in my case?

Doctor’s Advice:

Your condition appears to be due to rheumatoid arthritis, a disabling disease involving not only the joints, but many of the other tissues as well. Treatment of such a widespread disease usually long and difficult. You must not be discouraged. The medicines and treatments you have received have no doubt benefited you a great deal. However, there are things you can do to help yourself.

Apply warm moist packs or fomentations to the joints for twenty to thirty minutes at a time. This will often bring relief from stiffness and pain. This simple treatment, wrapping the affected joint in a hot moist pack covered by a dry towel and leaving it on for a time, will increase the blood supply to the affected area, and this in turn brings healing. Warm baths are beneficial in most of these cases. But you must be careful not to burn the skin.

Your diet should contain an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are the best natural sources of vitamins and minerals. It might also be well for you to take 500 milligrams of vitamin C a day. Some good multiple-vitamin tablet once or twice a day would also help you by providing the extra vitamins with the B complex that you may need. Many people benefit by the use of sun baths and a change of climate. If this is possible in your case, by all means do so. But be careful not to burn the skin or carry the treatment to excess. Above all, keep a brave heart.

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