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Aspirin for Child

Aspirine for Child

How much aspirin is it safe to give my two-year-old?

Doctor’s Advice:

No drugs is so freely taken as aspirin, and it is used to treat many ills, not only of children but also for adults. Too many parents think it can be given as needed without consideration of amount.

It is a mistake to give aspirin every time a child has a fever. Temperature rise is one of the body’s mechanism for fighting infection, and if the temperature is kept low with the use of aspirin, the ability of the body to combat the infection may be lowered. At times the body thermostat may not be working properly, and when the temperature is 104 degree or 105 degree Fahrenheit., some form of cooling is indicated. In addition to a cool bath, sponging, and other cooling measures, aspirin may be prescribed by your physician.

In general, it is not safe to give at one time more than one grain of aspirin for each year of age, and this dosage should not be repeated more often than every six or eight hours, unless prescribed by your physician. Aspirin should not be continued for more than twenty-four hours without the advice of your doctor.


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