Ask the Doctor and be Healthy

AsthmaI have had asthma since I came down with hay fever. What can I do to control the asthma?

Doctor’s Advice:

Bronchial asthma often follows hay fever. Hay fever is a condition of the respiratory tract that follows sensitive to pollens in the air. In aggravated form it is very likely to pass into bronchial asthma, or if the patient should catch a cold while having hay fever, bronchial asthma may result.

So-called asthma that is present the year round is usually due to sensitivity to some substance, such as an article of diet, clothing, furniture, or other articles the person comes in constant contact with.

Antihistaminic medicines will give a degree of relief. In severe cases, adrenalin given by hypodermic may be beneficial. We believe that all these medicines should be prescribed by a physician who is in touch with your condition and knows how severe your symptoms are.

Sometimes if a particular item of food is what you are sensitive to, it may have to be dropped from your diet for several months and then gradually reinstated. Many asthmatics suffer because of sensitiveness to some particular food.



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