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Bed WettingMy child two and a half years old wets the bed nearly every night. Is this a habit or a disease?

Doctor’s Advice:

Ordinarily when children wet the bed at night, there is nothing wrong with the kidneys or bladder. It would be safe, however, to have a urinalysis to see whether there is a diseased condition. The child, as a rule, sleeps so soundly that the neck of the bladder relaxes and the urine leaks out. Usually children will go several hours before this occurs. If one could set the clock and get up a little before this time and take the child to the toilet, he might go the rest of the night without wetting the bed. Have the child retain the urine during the day as long as he can, to develop control of the neck of the bladder without its being excessively irritable. Give only a dry diet after four o’clock in the afternoon.


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