Ask the Doctor and be Healthy

BeerThe men of my family have been drinking beer, claiming that it is a food and not high in calories. We women say that it cannot compare with fruit juices in vitamin value. What are the facts?

Doctor’s Advice:

It is unfortunate that beer has been exploited and advertised in such a misleading way. It supplies no vitamins or minerals and cannot compare with fruit juice in value. A good comparison can be made between beer and tomato juice. Twelve ounces of 3.5 per cent beer contains one hundred thirty-three calories and no vitamins. Twelve ounces of tomato juice supplies eighty calories and exceedingly rich amounts of vitamins A, B, and C. As a low-calorie beverage there is nothing much better than tomato juice.

There are many disadvantages in the use of beer. Some nutrition authorities do not consider it a food at all, and believe that the calories which it supplies are poorly utilized by the body. It is an alcoholic beverage which is habit-forming and which has many harmful effects. Alcohol destroys the delicate nerve cells of the brain and injures every organ of the body.



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