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Chicken Pox

Chicken PoxHow soon is it safe to send a child back to school after she breaks out with chicken pox?

Doctor’s Advise:

Chicken pox is a very contagious disease resulting from a virus infection. If children have not had the disease, they usually will acquire it if exposed.

The rash of chicken pox tends to be more abundant on the covered than on the exposed parts of the body. If it is extensive, the face, scalp, and even the tissues of the mouth may be involved.

If the child has scratched the chicken pox or the lesion have become infected otherwise, the scar may take a long time to heal; but this does not mean that the child is contagious to others for a longer period of time. The greatest period of contagiousness is immediately before the rash appears and during the time the new crops of the pox are developing.

The child is probably past the contagious stage by the time all the lesions are dry and crusted. Many mothers don’t want their children to come in contact with other children until the scabs have all fallen off, and it is common practice not to return children to school until all the scabs have disappeared.



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