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Child’s Appetite

Child's Appetite

Up to three months ago our two-year-old girl seemed to have a good appetite, but now she will not eat at all. What shall we do?

Doctor’s Advice:

There is a tremendous variation in the eating pattern of children, and it is quite common for them to eat better during the first and occasionally second year of life than they will eat later. Children have the best appetite during those periods of life when they are growing rapidly, such as the first year of life and adolescence.

So long as a child is healthy, gaining weight adequately, and growing there should be little concern if the food intake is small. Make an attempt to see that the child’s food intake is well balanced. Omit between-meal feedings when the intake at meals is small.

Make mealtime a time of relaxation for the family. If a child does not eat the food placed before him in a reasonable time, remove the plate without making an issue of it, and give no more food until the next meal.

Too large serving on a plate may discourage a child. Especially when a child is not eating heartily make the servings small. He will have the feeling that you are not asking too much of him and that he can eat what you give him.



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