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Epilepsy SeizureCan epilepsy be cured?

Doctor‘s Advice:

Epilepsy is a convulsive state characterized by impairment of consciousness, involuntary muscle movement and disturbance of the autonomic nervous system. These recurring symptoms are due to dysrhythmic or irregular electrical discharge of the brain cells. This condition may be acquired or hereditary. As to the acquired cause, this may result form any brain damage due to some disease condition.

Since the causes of the condition are multiple, treatment must be individual and many-sided. A rounded program must be carried out some of which are:

  1. Correction of observed abnormalities
  2. Raising the seizure threshold
  3. Maintenance of mental health and social usefulness

If there are known causes which could be corrected by surgery, a skilled neuro-surgeon should be consulted. The patient, however, should undergo special examinations for certainty before surgery is performed. Disturbances of the sympathetic nervous system can sometimes be helped by physical training and improvement of the general physique.

The success of newer drugs has largely helped the patient to live a more useful life. There are several drugs available, but their use must be individualized and must be under the supervision of a competent physician.

Maintenance of mental health and usefulness is of great importance. The prevention of physical and mental stagnation requires the institution of active measures. There must be regular and sufficient time for eating and sleeping, vigorous exercise, and, if possible, participation in interesting worthwhile work. Attacks come most frequently when the body and mind are idle.



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