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Goiter Symptoms

Goiter SymtomsAre the symptoms of an inward goiter easily recognized? My physician ignores my complaints about my throat. Should I see a throat specialist?

Doctor’s Advice:

The symptoms of goiter are sometimes very obscure. It my be difficult even for the trained diagnostician to detect the presence of masked goiter. Select a diagnostician of good reputation, allow him to examine you thoroughly, including laboratory tests as he will direct. Some of the symptoms of toxic goiter are loss of weight, weakness, tiredness, marked tremor of the hands when one spreads the finger and often a sensation of warmth of the skin, with an intolerance for a heated room. The heart usually is rapid even when one is at rest.



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  1. k8zilla says:

    I would definitely seek out a Ear Nose and Throat Specialist. I have had one for years, and have had thyroglossal cysts removed. Best decision I ever made.

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