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colds-and-feverMy children have colds most of the time. What can I do?

Doctor’s Advice:

Several factors of the life may be amiss when children have constantly recurring colds. Are the children properly clothed? Do they get an adequate diet of nourishing and protective foods – foods containing plenty of protein, fats, carbohydrates, as well as abundant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals? Do they get much exercise out of doors every day? Do they get sufficient rest from work, play, and school? Do they get their full nine hours sleep every night? DO they drink eight glasses of water every day?

It is important to think of proper ventilation at night. There should be a supply of fresh air through the sleeping room. It is sometimes difficult for a person to recover from a cold if he does not have a continuous supply of warm air to breathe – pure fresh warm air.

Many families take it for granted that colds must be passed around to all members. That is not true. When one person gets a cold he should sleep alone and be in a room by himself if possible. He must cough and sneeze into a handkerchief always, not into the open air of the room. He must keep his handkerchiefs in a paper bag after use so that they may be washed separately and other articles of clothing kept sanitary. If he uses tissue handkerchiefs, he should place every single one of them carefully in a paper bag, to be taken out and burned. Tissues carelessly left around the house when one has a cold are sure to help pass the cold around to other members of the family.

The dishes, towels, combs, and other personally used articles of a cold sufferer must not be used by others in the family. Wash his dishes extra carefully in hot soapsuds, scald them, and dry them. Time given to sanitary care of the patient’s articles will be reflected in cold-free days for other members of the family.

When a child has a cold, give him every opportunity to recover. Put him to bed. Have him drink lemonade every half hour – lemonade made without sugar. Give him light meals at regular hours. Use medicated vapor, hydrotherapy, medication to rub into his chest, as needed. If you have any question as to treatment, by all means follow your family doctor‘s suggestions. Give all treatments strictly according to directions. Keep the child warm, as happy as possible, properly fed. The right kind of care during a cold will make a sufferer more comfortable, shorten the duration of the disease, and lessen the drain on the vitality of the patient.



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