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I have a grandchild who is normal in every way, except that she has convulsions at times. She is about five years old and very smart for her age. Can anything be done about this?

Doctor’s Advice:

Yes, a great deal. First of all, this child must have a complete diagnosis. Convulsions in a very young child may occur at the beginning of some serious infection. This is far less common in a child five years old. Your grandchild may have some form of epilepsy. It would be well for her to see a child specialist, or someone who understands nervous conditions. A remarkable machine called the electroencephalograph can now be used in uncovering the real cause of the convulsions. Today we have excellent medicines that can be used to control these strange nervous reactions. This child should be given the benefit of everything that modern medicine can provide. It is highly important for her to grow up in as normal a way as possible. With good living conditions and the proper type of medicine there is no reason why she cannot live as well as any other child through the years to come.



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