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Feeding Formula

Feeding FormulaWill you please suggest a feeding time schedule and formula for me?

Doctor’s Advice:

1st 2 Weeks:
Breast feeding or bottle feeding or powdered milk, 1:2 formula on demand feeding.
(1 1/2 – 2 oz. per feeding)

Evaporated milk – 1 oz.
or Powdered milk – 1 tsp.
Boiled water – 2 oz.
Karo – 1/2 tsp.

2-4 weeks:
Breast or bottle feeding 1:2 evaporated milk every 3 hours (2-3 oz.)
Orange juice 1-2 tsp. daily for one week then increase to 1 oz.

1 month:
Breast or bottle feed with 1:2 evaporated milk every 3 hours, daytime; every 4 hours at night, 3-4 oz. per feeding. Increase orange juice to 1-2 oz. daily.

2 months:
Breast or bottle feedings as directed every 4 hours. Begin mashed banana once daily. Offer boiled water 1-2 oz. daily. May start pablum cereal if desired.

3 months:
Breast or bottle feeds every four hours (6-10-2-6-10).
Orange juice 3-5 oz. daily.
Visit doctor for DPT immunization. Begin vegetables – baby food.

4 months:
Breast feed or bottle feed every four hours (6-10-2-6-10). Orange juice daily.
Visit doctor for the DPT immunization.
Begin egg yolk. Increase vegetables.

5-6 months:
Breast or bottle feeding every 4 hours daytime (6-10-2-6-10) : once at night. Orange juice daily. Always offer milk formula at 10-2-6 feedings. DPT 3rd dose at 5 months and smallpox vaccination at 6 months.

7 months:
May start whole milk formula (1:1 formula) by glass. May leave off bottle. Continue giving solids 3 times daily before offering milk. May have egg white, custards and gelatin.

8-10 months:
Continue milk 3-4 times daily. Continue cereal, egg, fruits, and vegetables. May omit night feeding.

10-12 months:
Continue milk and solid food.
May have soups.
Continue vitamin as directed.


Child should be taught to drink from cup beginning 6 months. Any new food given to baby should always be started in every small amounts and increased daily till necessary amount is reached.



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