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Milk Diet

Milk Diet

My eight-month-old baby will not take anything but milk. Is it possible for me to give him too much?

Doctor’s Advice:
Milk is an important element in the diet of every baby, and is one of the building blocks of nutrition. Milk is rich in protein and bone-building minerals,. Almost all the milk that is purchased has had vitamin D added to it to make it more nutritious.

Milk is not rich in iron, which is needed for building red blood cells. Iron is more adequately provided by colored fruits and vegetables, eggs, and some cereals, particularly oatmeal. When a child drinks an excessive amount of milk, his appetite is satisfied and he has no desire for fruits and vegetables. Consequently, he eats very little besides milk.

It is possible to have an excessive amount of milk in the diet, just as it is possible to have much of any type of food. There is health protection in a variety of foods, and too small a selection will not provide a margin of safety. An excessive milk intake and deficient quantity of iron-containing food may lead to the development of anemia, which would not be present if the milk intake were less and the other food intake greater.

In general, the amount of milk necessary to maintain good nutrition is not less than one half liter a day and no more than one liter a day. If a child has been drinking more than one liter of milk a day for some time , he probably is not receiving enough of the other essential foods. It is then necessary to markedly decrease the milk intake to allow him to get hungry enough to want the other foods that are also necessary for proper body development.



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