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I have had chronic catarrh for many years; so have my sister and daughter. We all have drainage in the back of our throats continually. What can you suggest to remedy our catarrhal condition.

Doctor’s Advice:
Where catarrhal conditions have existed for some years, we feel that you owe yourself a careful medical examination by a specialist, to determine whether there is actual infection in the sinuses which can be cleaned up. Hot compresses over the face, nasal sprays containing ephedrine or adrenalin (usually in an oil base), in some instances temporary washing of the nasal passages with a mild salt-water solution, in turn may all be beneficial. The inhaling of medicated steam, too, helps in some instances, using oil of eucalyptus in teaspoonful quantities in a pan of boiling water, the steam being inhaled through a paper funnel, or other director is suggested.



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