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What is chalazion and what are its causes? Is there any medicine to cure it?

Doctor’s Advice:
Chalazation is a small tumor of the eyelid, formed by the distention of a meibomian gland with secretion. The following are its causes:

  1. Eyestrain. When one is near or farsighted or is astigmatic and does not wear glasses to correct this, he is liable to contract chalazion.
  2. Poor nourishment. A diet consisting chiefly of rice and fish is deficient in Vitamin A, which is essential in the maintenance of the integrity of the glands of the eyelids.
  3. Microbes are always found flying in the air. When the resistance of the body is lowered, there is an increased tendency towards the development of an eye infection. This may lead to the obstruction or clogging of the fine tubules leading from the lubricating glands of the eyelids. Ultimately, a chalazion is formed.

Unfortunately, this is an eye condition that cannot be treated with eye medications only. Surgical excision is imperative. And only a well-trained eye specialist is qualified to do this.


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