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Constant Headaches

My daughter has had intermittent and terrible headache for a long time. They began when she was fifteen. They start over one eye, and the pain extends to her temples. What can we do for her?

Doctor’s Advice:

Your daughter probably has migraine headaches, which usually come on about this time, and are aggravated by nerve strain and shocks. Attacks are usually one-sided, and spots sometimes appear before the eyes when they come on. One is usually sick at the stomach from them. This type of headache is very commonly hereditary. Your daughter should have a thorough examination to see if there can be any cause established for these headaches. She may have eyestrain. Her kidneys may not be working right. Her blood pressure may be elevated, or there might be some intracranial condition to account for it. Therefore, her eyes should be carefully examined, not only as to sight, but as to the visual fields and fundus.

For the ordinary headache many find they can obtain relief by a good hot foot bath, with an ice cap to the head or back of the neck. This treatment can be continued for fifteen to twenty minutes, followed by a good brisk walk outdoors and breathing deeply. We would advise trying this before taking an aspirin. If headaches are frequent or constant, then it is necessary to see your physician.



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