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Fluorescent Lights

Fluorescent LightsDo fluorescent lights ever cause serious trouble in the eye? Is there any advantage in using the older incandescent type of lighting?

Doctor’s Advice:

Any direct type of lighting is hard on the eyes, especially when one is reading or studying for a long period of time. Indirect light is always  best, and this can be provided either by the modern fluorescent or the old incandescent type of lighting.

The most important thing is to have sufficient light to see clearly. Be sure that the light does not shine directly on the page of the book you are reading, or on the material on which you are working. Bright light reflected from the pages of a book can be particularly damaging to the eye. It is best to have the lighting so arranged in the room that all parts are equally well lighted. This will give a soft glow to the room, and will be more like daylight. It will be more pleasing to the eyes and more restful to the nervous system.


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