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HeadacheI am a boy of 21 years. For the last several months I am having a bad headache. Sometimes for days I have no headache and sometimes they become rather severe. My doctor feels it is due to nose trouble, but there appears to be no good results even after my nose is treated. What remedy can you suggest?

Doctor’s Advice:

Headache may have many causes, which vary from diseases of the brain to diseases of the peripheral nerves, ear, eyes and nose diseases, or to diseases of the stomach. Besides that, headache may be caused by external influences like heat, smoking or by conditions of the body such as nervous tension, for instance. You will understand, therefore, that the treatment would depend strictly on the cause of the headache. The fact, however, that your doctor ascribes it to your nose might indicate that you have nasal or sinus trouble, which causes your headaches. The treatment may require nose drops and perhaps antibiotics. Light treatments are also sometimes of value.


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