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Every day, in almost every family, some question is asked concerning some phase of health. It may be a very casual question, asked more to satisfy curiosity than anything else. It may be one that is vitally important with respect to the well-being of some member of the family.

Many of the questions do not receive an answer because no one in the family knows what it is, and because it is not thought necessary, or it is not convenient, to go to a doctor with it. But sometimes, because the answer is not forthcoming, the sickness that may be in question develops to serious proportions, bringing a great deal of pain and unhappiness, even death, to some member of the family.

This website is designed to answer at least some of this type of question. Clearly, it cannot possibly deal with all the endless health problems that arise. But it does seek to give a brief, clear, practical, answer to many of the most common.

The value of the type of approach made in this website is proved by the fact that for long years medical questions columns have been popular in health website in this country and around the world.


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